Jones, Kopfman and Artenian provide exceptional legal services to individuals suffering from discrimination in the Fresno area. Our Fresno discrimination attorney works aggressively to defend clients in court against wrongful actions by employers. We understand that discrimination laws may be nuanced and difficult to navigate, so we provide clients with expert legal services designed to represent their interests.

Discrimination Lawyers In Fresno Can Provide Support

A Fresno discrimination attorney is essential for protecting your rights. Many employers downplay or ignore existing worker protection laws. Our discrimination lawyers in Fresno are trained to protect working people against a myriad of legal violations. It is essential to get effective legal representation if you have experienced age, pregnancy or racial discrimination at work.

Speak With An Experienced Fresno Pregnancy Discrimination Lawyer

Contact a Fresno pregnancy discrimination lawyer if you have experienced this form of sexual discrimination. This illegal activity might occur during the hiring process, or it could happen after the person is already employed. Pregnancy is not a legitimate reason for denying a promotion or initiating a termination. However, women may need to use the services of experienced pregnancy discrimination attorneys in Fresno to ensure their rights are protected. The law offices of Wagner, Jones, Kopfman & Artenian are located at 1111 E Herndon Ave #317, Fresno, CA 93720. Call us at (559) 449-1800 to speak with a professional lawyer today.

Fresno Race Discrimination Attorneys Know The Litigation Process

Fresno race discrimination attorneys aggressively defend clients who are facing disparate treatment at work because of their racial identity. Expertise in this area is necessary, for the law requires the racial discrimination attorney in Fresno to be able to conduct a specific legal procedure to establish the claim. This may require interviews with employers, managers or co-workers. The racial discrimination attorney in Fresno may also require access to the employer’s existing patterns to determine if a pattern of racial discrimination exists. Your employment history and job qualifications may also be used to determine the motivation for the employer’s behavior.

Contact Our Age Discrimination Lawyers in Fresno Today

Age discrimination lawyers in Fresno specialize in the nuances that often accompany this form of illegal activity. A tight job market provides a variety of incentives for employers to ignore existing legal protections. This discrimination may occur at several points in the employment process. Documentation related to age is only allowed to be used for verification and other legitimate purposes, for example. Worker’s benefits and discharge are two other issues discrimination lawyers in Fresno can address. If you need a racial discrimination attorney in Fresno or the services of pregnancy discrimination attorneys in Fresno, contact Jones, Kopfman and Artenian.