Have you and many other employees been unpaid for overtime hours you worked? If you worked more than 40 hours in a given week and you are all non-exempt employees, then you deserve overtime pay. Non-exempt means that your job is not exempt from being required to have overtime pay. If this sounds like you and your coworkers, let us handle your class action lawsuit.

When overtime work is not paid as promised by an employer, then you probably have a case for unpaid overtime. Your employer has a responsibility to live up to the standards that are put in place for your protection. If your employer is violating these terms then they are probably breaking the law. If you and your fellow employees have been the victims of unpaid overtime and you wish to file a class action lawsuit, then you have come to the right place. Call us today.

The lawyers at JONES, KOPFMAN, ARTENIAN have many years of experience in dealing with class action lawsuits. So if you and your coworkers need to file a lawsuit for unpaid overtime, give our professionals a call. Make sure your employer treats you all the way you deserve.